What do we believe:

We are D/deaf/hard of hearing creatives, authors and illustrators who write and/or illustrate books for children, teens, and adult audiences. We champion imagination and support all diverse forms of deaf-gain. We believe that there is no wrong way to be D/deaf or hard of hearing (HOH). Each individual has a unique and colorful journey and we champion each one. We believe it is a D/deaf person’s right to choose which tools they use to communicate with the world—be it a signed-language (like ASL), hearing aids, cochlear implants (CI’s), Signed English, or their voice(s) in written or oral form, etc. We advocate the importance of providing D/deaf children with a full language that is accessible to them, one that prevents language deprivation, encourages literacy, and provides equal access to language and communication. We champion diverse D/deaf/HOH voices and culture(s) in literature and strive to educate the hearing and KidLit community about D/deaf/HOH experiences across the deaf gain spectrum. Through storytelling (words, illustrations, and signs) and advocacy, we stand to unite the gap between the hearing and the D/deaf and aim to provide resources for parents, librarians, and educators who aid in helping others understand the D/deaf experiences and promote D/deaf literacy and learning. We wholeheartedly believe that D/deaf children deserve to see themselves in the pages of books—reinforcing how much they matter—that they are valuable, and that they are understood.

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